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21st Century Education for All


Educators and Practitioners:


NeoNatal &

Birth Education

Neonatal care and education: resources for those thinking of starting a family or who are already pregnant, preparing for the baby, working with a doulas. Health and nutrition during pregnancy, considering methods of delivery, support before and after birth - welcoming the baby into the extended family. It's A Family Affair, and we are inviting healthcare providers, home visitors, all of those involved with prenatal care to share their information and expertise!


Infants & Toddlers

Infant/Toddler care and education: holding/carrying our babies, loving our babies, food and nutrition, babies and sleep, babies and toilet learning and other caregiving routines. Let's have fun playing with our babies, singing to and engaging movement with our babies while utilizing language and literacy development for babies.

In this segment the focus is health and safety and healthy attachment. We invite those with expertise in working with infants and toddlers, including day care centers and family care providers. We welcome the attendance of parents with their babies and toddlers to interact with the experts in this field.


Early childhood

Preschool and early childhood students demand exploring the wonder and the magic of dramatic and pretend play, outdoor nature play, cooking, emergent math literacy and science. Those who present in this field will focus on health, safety, and social emotional development.

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Elementary education

Elementary school age focuses on young children as scholars, inquiring scientists, authors, readers, and critical thinkers. The need for continued play and social emotional development are an emphasis for healthy well-being.


Middle and high school students are developing the tools to transition into adolescence and adulthood while maintaining the joys of young people. Exploring academic skills, sports, entrepreneurship, health and wellness, goal-setting, citizenship, ecology, conservation are hallmarks of this age.

College, career, and entrepreneurship themes, back to work, workforce skills, vocational skills and training, community colleges, colleges, universities, internships, mentorship, externships, job training, startup jobs, and civil service employment are opportunities for exploration.