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Community S.T.E.A.M. Presentations



The focus of #IAFAYouth is to provide an encouraging and electrifying environment where everyone works together to develop ideas and solutions centered around education, environmental sustainability, restorative justice, music/entertainment and health/wellness. At the end of #IAFAYouth, participants will walk away with a sense of accomplishment, inspired by experiencing what is possible when brilliant people get together to solve problems. Learn more about how youth 11-18 years old can participate and how you can help as a volunteer or mentor.

"Community S.T.E.A.M. Presentations" are a live, face-to-face description of a project or idea you and your fellow students have developed. Your presentation can be done in many formats -- through public speeches, informal talks, hands-on demos, or mini-workshops, or seminars.

But all these presentation formats have qualities in common. First, their purpose is to discuss ideas, problems, issues, action plans, or goals for your school community


  • To increase community awareness and understanding of your issues

  • To increase community awareness and understanding of you and your group

  • To increase community support for you and your group

  • To encourage community involvement and action regarding your cause


Develop an outline covering your main points or issues. Your outline is the overall plan that will guide you through your presentation.

Presentation outlines often have a similar sequence, which commonly includes:

  • A general overview

  • A history or background of the issue

  • A description of the current situation or problem

  • Your proposed ideas solutions -- often together with requests for action

  • A summary

Will this sequence work for you? Very likely so. But if you think a different sequence would be better, then by all means try it out.

The content of your outline should be based on your objectives above and include the main points you want to get across.

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